This is a quick tip I discovered while creating a workflow in Execview. In your workflow state, you might want to add a profile to the respective form which will consequently allow you to add more information. The image below shows a workflow for a project. Profile to a workflow state - Image 1 Each stage of the workflow is linked to a form. Additional profiles can be added to these forms from the Administration tab. For this example, I will add a profile to the Initial Details tab as shown in the image below. This form is linked to the Discovery workflow state. Profile to a workflow state - Image 2 To configure workflows, go to the Administration tab and then click ’Workflow’ (please note that only administrators can access this part of the system). The image below shows where you would manage the states in your workflow and the form linked to the state. Profile to a workflow state - Image 3 To add a profile to a form simply click on the ’Form Name’ in the table on the right of the page. This will bring up the window shown in the image below. Profile to a workflow state - Image 4 Click the check box next to Profile heading and then click Save. A box will then appear on the bottom of the page with a drop down to choose the profile you want to add. The dropdown highlighted in the image below will have a list of all the profiles available to add to the form. For this example, I have chosen ’Financial Impact’ by selecting it from the list and then clicking the ’Add’ button. Profile to a workflow state - Image 5 The profile has now been added to the form as seen in the image below. We can add more profiles to the same form by repeating the steps above. Profile to a workflow state - Image 6